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Bamboo Exploration All Ages

Thursdays 2:30-3:30pm All Ages

  • Starts Sep 5
  • From 84 US dollars
  • Midland, Smart Diehl Academy at Kairos

Available spots

Service Description

Dive into the fascinating world of bamboo with us as we discover the incredible versatility, sustainability, and beauty of this remarkable plant. From its eco-friendly properties to its diverse uses in art, construction, and culture, bamboo offers endless opportunities for exploration and creativity. With an abundance of Bamboo growing on the property we will have so much to work with! Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a budding artist, or simply curious about the wonders of the natural world, our Bamboo Exploration class provides a unique and enriching experience for learners of all ages. In our Bamboo Exploration class, participants will: -Learn About Bamboo: Participants will delve into the biology, ecology, and cultural significance of bamboo, gaining a deeper understanding of this amazing plant and its importance to people and the planet. -Discover Sustainability: Participants will explore bamboo's sustainability credentials, learning about its rapid growth, minimal environmental impact, and potential as a renewable resource for a wide range of applications. -Explore Artistic Expression: Participants will unleash their creativity through hands-on art projects and crafts inspired by bamboo. From sculpture and weaving to painting and printmaking, they'll explore different artistic techniques and mediums to create unique works of art. -Experiment with Construction: Participants will learn about bamboo's strength, flexibility, and durability, and its potential as a building material. They'll experiment with bamboo construction techniques, such as framing, weaving, and joinery, to create structures and models. -Connect with Culture: Participants will explore the cultural significance of bamboo in various traditions and societies around the world. They'll learn about bamboo's role in art, architecture, music, cuisine, and rituals, gaining insights into different cultural practices and perspectives. -Engage in Hands-On Activities: Our Bamboo Exploration class offers a variety of hands-on activities, including bamboo harvesting, processing, and crafting, providing participants with opportunities to engage with bamboo in a tangible and meaningful way. *CLASS WILL BE HELD IN MINDLAND AT KAIROS- 1101 Running Brook Rd Midland NC, 28107*

Contact Details

  • 1101 Running Brook Road, Midland, NC, USA


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