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Nature Art

Tuesdays 1:15-2:15pm All Ages

  • Starts Sep 3
  • From 84 US dollars
  • Midland, Smart Diehl Academy at Kairos

Available spots

Service Description

Our Nature Art program is a creative and immersive exploration of the natural world through artistic expression. Through observation, inspiration, and hands-on creation, participants of all ages will discover the beauty of nature and unleash their creativity in unique and meaningful ways. In our Nature Art program, participants will: -Connect with Nature: Participants will spend time outdoors, exploring the natural environment and discovering inspiration in the beauty of the world around them. Whether in a local park, forest, beach, or garden, nature will serve as both muse and studio for artistic exploration. -Observe and Collect: Participants will observe the intricate details, patterns, textures, and colors found in nature, using their senses to fully immerse themselves in the experience. They will collect natural materials such as leaves, flowers, rocks, shells, and branches to use in their artwork. -Create Artworks: Using found materials, participants will engage in a variety of art-making techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and land art. They will experiment with different mediums and processes to create unique and expressive artworks inspired by nature. -Express Creativity: Our program encourages participants to express their creativity and individuality through their artwork. Whether realistic or abstract, representational or interpretive, each piece will reflect the personal connection and unique perspective of the artist. -Celebrate Nature: Through their artwork, participants will celebrate the beauty, diversity, and importance of nature, fostering a deeper appreciation and connection to the natural world. Their creations will serve as reminders of the wonders of nature and the need to protect and preserve it for future generations. -Our Nature Art program offers a creative and enriching experience for participants of all ages, fostering a deeper connection to nature, promoting artistic expression, and nurturing a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us. *CLASS WILL BE HELD IN MINDLAND AT KAIROS- 1101 Running Brook Rd Midland NC, 28107*

Contact Details

  • 1101 Running Brook Road, Midland, NC, USA


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