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Ocean Science Ages 9-14

Mondays 2:30-3:30pm Ages 9-14

  • Starts Sep 9
  • From 75 US dollars
  • Mint Hill, Smart Diehl Academy

Available spots

Service Description

Our Ocean Science program is an immersive and educational journey into the fascinating world of marine biology, oceanography, and environmental science. Through hands-on exploration, interactive lessons, and engaging activities, students will dive deep into the mysteries of the ocean and discover its wonders. In our Ocean Science program, students will: -Explore Marine Ecosystems: From coral reefs and kelp forests to deep-sea trenches and polar ice caps, students will explore the diversity of marine ecosystems and learn about the plants, animals, and habitats that call the ocean home. -Investigate Oceanography: Students will study the physical properties of the ocean, including its currents, tides, waves, and weather patterns, gaining insight into the forces that shape the marine environment. -Learn About Marine Life: Through observation, experimentation, and research, students will learn about a variety of marine organisms, including fish, mammals, invertebrates, and microorganisms, and explore their adaptations, behaviors, and ecological roles. -Examine Environmental Issues: Students will investigate environmental issues facing the ocean, such as pollution, climate change, overfishing, and habitat destruction, and explore potential solutions for conservation and sustainability. -Engage in Hands-on Activities: Our program includes hands-on activities such as field trips to coastal environments, laboratory experiments, aquarium visits, and beach clean-ups, providing students with real-world experiences and opportunities for discovery. -Inspire Stewardship: Through education and awareness, students will develop a sense of stewardship for the ocean and gain appreciation for its importance to the planet and all living things. Whether your child dreams of becoming a marine biologist, oceanographer, or simply has a passion for the sea, our Ocean Science program offers a stimulating and enriching educational experience that will spark curiosity, inspire exploration, and foster a lifelong love for the ocean

Contact Details

  • 7201 Lebanon Road suite b, Mint Hill, NC, USA


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