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Summer 2023 Information

Don’t let the summer slide happen to your child! Keep your student blossoming into next school year by enrolling in our summer tutoring courses!

Basic Phonics (early readers) 

This course teaches foundational phonics to early and struggling readers. Phonics gives them the tools they need to become a successful reader! It is important for children to learn letter-sound relationships because English uses letters in the alphabet to represent sounds. Phonics teaches this information to help children learn how to read. Children learn the sounds that each letter makes, and how a change in the order of letters changes a word's meaning.

Becoming a Better Writer (all grades) 

The title says it all for this one! In the wake of the pandemic I have noticed that so many students’ writing skills have suffered by not having to put pencil to paper as often. We will work on grade level writing mechanics, sentence/paragraph structure and grammar in this standards based course. 

Enrichment Corner (all grades) 

“My child isn’t behind in school, why would they need tutoring?” I hear this all the time. If you’ve thought or said this, this is the course for you! For the parent who wants to keep their student engaged in learning this summer. A personal favorite, this class will stretch your child’s mind and keep their brain muscles limber over the summer! Each time we meet, we will complete challenging and stimulating math and literacy tasks that your child will be excited to tell you all about!  

Grammar and Vocabulary (all grades) 

As a former teacher I know that grammar and vocabulary can sometimes get forgotten in the struggle to fit everything into the school day. Sharpen your child’s grade level grammar, vocabulary and language skills with this standards based course. 

Keeping Math Skills Sharp (all grades)

Summer slide is real and it can affect math skills just as much as reading! During this standards based course we will use a variety of games, activities and crafts to keep grade level math skills sharp and ready for the fall! 

Looking Ahead (all grades)

Get your child ahead of the game for the upcoming school year! In this standards based course we preview what the next grade has in store for reading and math!

Kindergarten Preparation (pre-k)

During this fun class we will focus on developing skills that your child will need to be successful in kindergarten this fall! Focuses for this course will include: -Falling in love with reading -Name recognition and writing -Building a writer -Exploring numbers and counting -Learning about letters and phonics -Fun fine motor skills -Recognizing print concepts -Social and emotional self regulation

Phonics and Fluency (grades k-3)

Build your reader’s confidence and set them up for success with this crucial course. In order to understand what they read, children must be able to decode accurately and read fluently. Research shows that a strong foundation with phonics is key to reading success. Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Reading fluency is the bridge between decoding and comprehension and is vital to a successful reader.

Poetry and Songwriting (grades 4-6)

Figurative language is the use of language to give words meaning beyond their literal definitions. This can be a very difficult concept for students to grasp at this age. Your child will deep dive into the world of figurative language through poetry and songwriting during this exciting course, which I cannot wait to teach!

Read Aloud Crafts (grades K-3) 

Is your child a book lover?! Me too! Each week will focus on a different one of Mrs. Diehl’s favorite read-aloud books and complete an engaging craft to go along with it!

Reading Comprehension (all grades)

Keep reading comprehension skills sharp this summer by participating in this engaging course! We will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction stories on your child’s reading level and practice fun and effective comprehension strategies that they can take with them to apply next school year. 

More Information

Courses will be offered privately or in a group setting on a schedule of 2 or 3 times per week.

Schedule will be created at the beginning of June based on course interest.

Courses will be based out of my home in the Ballantyne area. 

If you  have a group of similarly aged kids interested in learning together this summer- let’s chat about a time and place that works best for you all!

Receive 10% off when you sign up for 2 or more courses this summer! 

Receive an additional 10% off the whole summer cost is paid in full by 6/18/22 

(Non refundable)

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