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Located in Mint Hill, NC, Smart Diehl Academy provides educational services to students Pre-K through 9th grade. We offer tutoring in all school subjects, homeschool core teaching, supplemental teaching, as well as enrichment classes (Pre-K through 12th grade). We aim to provide a comfortable learning space that promotes strong academic performance and self-confidence. In our sessions, students feel safe to learn and grow at their own pace. Each session is tailored specifically to the student's learning style and preferences.

Smart Diehl tutors must strive to instill a love of learning in each child. We value individuals who can bring a special “spark” to their sessions! We believe passion for knowledge permeates from teacher to student and when a teacher is excited to teach, the student will be equally thrilled about learning. Tutors must be willing to support the Smart Diehl Academy mission, vision and values.

Doing Homework

Open Positions:

At this time, we are offering part-time employment opportunities:

Art Class

at Smart Diehl Academy 

These individuals will work at the academy in Mint Hill, NC. 


Opportunities Include:

  • Private/Group tutoring in specific subject areas/grade level bands

  • Toddler/pre-k time 

  • Homeschool Core teaching 

  • Supplemental Teaching (science, social studies, creative writing etc.) 

  • Enrichment Teaching (art, music, Spanish, technology etc…) 

Smart Fleet Tutor


These tutors will travel to students' homes or meet at a local library for private tutoring. Sessions will be in the Charlotte area within your radius. Quality teaching materials and curriculum will be provided!



  • Valid state teaching license in K-5 education is preferred

  • Effective classroom management skills are necessary 

  • Knows how to use student assessment data to inform instruction 

  • Can effectively track data and communicate student progress with parents 

  • Knowledge or ability to utilize technology that supports curriculum 

  • Willing to engage students with high energy, effective lessons

  • Has the ability to work collaboratively with a team

  • Has a desire for a positive and lively work environment 

  • Ability to be flexible

  • Values positive relationships with students and their families

Teacher and Pupil



  • A competitive hourly rate starting at $25-$30 per hour-long session (based on experience)

  • Smart Fleet Tutors will receive a monthly gas allowance

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