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Do I still need to register my homeschool with the state if I enroll in class at Smart Diehl Academy?

Yes- Your child will be considered a homeschool student with your registered homeschool. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this!

Do you give tests?

Our students will show mastery of skills in many ways. One way will be periodic assessments that will be used to inform instruction. Generally, at the end of a standard a test will be given to assess mastery. These assessments will not replace the North Carolina requirement to administer a nationally standardized test or other nationally standardized equivalent measurement. This needs to take place outside of our services on an annual basis. If you need suggestions or guidance we are happy to discuss options with you!

What are your typical class sizes?

Our small class sizes will make all the difference in your child’s education! We will keep classes between 4-6 for core classes. Extracurricular classes may have higher numbers when beneficial (ex: our Acapella group will welcome a max of 15 students).

Do you give multi-child discounts?

Yes! Ask for a coupon code for multiple children and/or multiple classes!

What does “Suggested Ages” mean?

The suggested ages are suggestions. If you feel as though your child would be better served in a course with older students based on their prior knowledge or past experiences that is totally fine! You know your child best. If you would like to talk through which class selection might be the best fit please contact us.

What is your Instructional style?

Simply put- our teaching style is whatever gets your student excited to learn! We believe that HOW we teach your child is going to make the difference! If your child learns best through movement, song, hands on activities/games, visual representations or any other method- our expert educators will uncover their unique learning style and incorporate it into their lessons.

Do I have to participate in core teaching to register for elective classes? Do I have to take electives to book core teaching?

Nope! Our programs are designed to be customizable to best meet the needs of your family! If you need guidance or would like to talk through your options please feel free to contact us.

Can I use my ESA+ grant?

Smart Diehl Academy is an approved ESA+ program and disabilities grant service provider for tutoring as well as Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies classes.

What curriculum do you use?

We use a variety of standards based curriculums. The reading and writing curriculums we utilize are science of reading aligned. We believe in a multi-sensory education and many of our instructors are trained in Orton-Gillingham. We also incorporate many project and inquiry based learning components. Our Math curriculum is standards aligned and we use an incremental method which incorporates both spiral review as well as a mastery standard.
Our pacing schedule has flexibility built in for “teachable moments” and “interest inquiry”. For example- if students get extremely interested in or curious about one aspect of our topic which they’d like to deep dive further into we can! Encouraging students to explore the things that interest them is a way we foster a love for learning!

As far as private homeschool teaching goes, we can use any curriculum provided by a parent or guardian and/or a curriculum of the tutor’s choosing. This will be a discussion before we begin teaching your student!

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