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Summer Camp FAQs

Please see frequently asked questions below. 

Can I pay weekly?

Yes! Feel free to pay and register weekly, however, please realize that most weeks will fill up. Contact us if you have questions regarding remaining availability.

Do you still have fun even though there is “learning time” involved every day?

YES! We believe wholly that playing IS learning!
We have A LOT of fun during our summer camps at SDA! Feel free to check out our Instagram or Facebook for examples of some of the fun we had during camp last summer!

What are your group sizes?

Our whole group will cap at 15 campers this summer. Often, we will split into smaller age-level based groups which will not exceed 7 campers per group. This includes daily learning time and hands-on activities.
Our small size makes us the perfect fit for children who get overwhelmed in large group settings. We are very sensitive to the varying sensory needs of all students and strive to make our Academy welcoming and enjoyable for all.

Does my child need to attend every week of camp? Or can we pick and choose weeks?

Nope! Please feel free to pick and choose the weeks that most appeal to your child based on our exciting weekly themes!
However, there will be no repeat weeks! So, if you would like your child to be with us all summer they will learn a ton and will not be bored with any duplicated material.

What if the material is too easy or too hard for my child?

Our expert team of educators will work closely with each student to make sure the material is at a “just right” place for them. If it is too easy, we will bump them up, if it is too hard we will find their appropriate level!

Do you do day-to-day camp?

Yes, you can register for just 1 day of camp online! Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this!

What curriculum do you use during learning power hour?

We use a standards-based spiral review for our summer curriculum. This goes through their previous grade level’s power standards and gives practice with all crucial concepts. Additionally, we jump into power standards from their upcoming school year to preview some of the material they will see early in the school year. If you would like to see an example of our weekly learning packets, please contact us and we will be happy to send you an example!

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